Using marking workflow in the Assignment activity

13 March 2024

Marking workflow allows you to mark students' work whilst keeping the submission portal open for later submissions and provides a process for releasing marks and feedback to all, or selected, students.

If you are using the Assignment activity for student submissions of assessment, set the marking workflow state for submissions to "In marking" before you start marking.

There are several advantages to using marking workflow including being able to:

  • Keep the Assignment activity visible to students so that it stays visible in Grades and the Timeline.
  • Start marking even if you are expecting late submissions or have approved extensions.
  • Mark assessments in sections without students seeing partial marks and wondering why their marks are low.
  • Control when student results and feedback are released.
  • Manage the review process when you are using a marker/s. 

Once you have finished marking, set the marking workflow state to "Released". Students will then be able to see their marks, the completed marking rubric or marking guide, and your feedback.

At the end of your list of student submissions, if you do not see the option to "Set marking workflow state" in the "With selected" drop-down menu, you will need to first go to Settings > Grade and turn on marking workflow.

More information on using marking workflow is available from the following: