Research skills, design and analysis

Find all the links and information you will need for your research design and analysis.

Research skills

It's important to use reputable and reliable information to support your research. To help you find academic information we have advice on developing a search strategy, assessing and understanding the information you find and tips for finding some of the more difficult to track down information you may require.

We also have an introduction to research design, information about how to use data analysis software and how to manage data. This helpful advice will assist you as you sharpen your research skills. There is also an introduction to animal and human research ethics and guidelines on the ethics approval procedures at Lincoln University. 

Research design and analysis is the most critical part of research. 

Whether you are doing qualitative, quantitative or mixed method research, selecting the appropriate research methodology is an essential step in your research project. 

Seeking help early in your research journey will be of great benefit. 

This interactive research resource for bioscience students, prepared by University of Reading is an excellent, easy-to-use interactive resource providing a step-by-step guide to the research process from planning through to presenting results. It includes a detailed section on experimental design and analysis. 

Science research

Social science research