Teaching consultation

Discussing your teaching practice with others is an effective way to identify areas where you are excelling, areas in need of improvement, to sound out ideas, and to receive guidance on specific aspects of your teaching.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CeLT) have compiled numerous Teaching resources for you to explore on this website. However, you may find that you have questions regarding teaching and learning issues that you would like to discuss on an individual or small group basis. In that case, the Teaching Quality team are available and happy to meet with you individually or in a small group. To book a teaching consultation with a member of the Teaching Quality team, please email

Suggested discussion points for your teaching consultation include:  

  • Creating new learning resources or assessment.
  • Aligning learning activities and assessment to learning outcomes.
  • Restructuring your course to improve student learning, student engagement and encourage student participation.
  • Interpreting and responding to student feedback.
  • Developing transferable skills within your course or programme (e.g. teamwork, interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills).
  • Documenting personal development as a professional tertiary teacher.
  • Improving your qualifications as a tertiary teacher.
  • Trying something different with your teaching practice.
  • Giving your Akoraka | Learn page a face lift.
  • Designing a research project involving your teaching and/or students.