Student reps

How are we doing? Well, let us hear it from the horse’s mouth. The Student Representatives provide us with great insights into our teaching performance.

Student Representatives or Student Reps are an important source of course feedback for teaching staff in all courses at Lincoln University. The purpose and objective of Student Reps is to ensure the highest quality of the student learning experience is achieved in their courses in a cohesive and fair environment. By looking through their lens, course improvements can be made, staff making a positive difference to student learning can be acknowledged, and the University therefore has a better understanding of the student body’s course-based experiences.

LUSA runs the Student Rep system on campus. This system was established to create a web of feedback and support surrounding all aspects of student life on campus. Each semester, every course elects at least one student to represent the group. This student is the Student Rep for the semester and works alongside LUSA, the faculty deans and lecturers. 

For more information on the Student Rep system visit LUSA’s Student Rep page.