Working on assessments

You cannot research and write assessments in a day. Starting early, breaking things down and approaching assessments as a process can make things more manageable.

Assessments are an important part of your course work at Lincoln University.  You might find writing assessments a daunting process, but having a clear plan helps. These resources will help you organise your tasks and allow time to produce your best work.

Breaking down the assessment process

You cannot research and write a quality assessment in a day – researching, drafting and editing well takes time.

Starting early and following a careful preparation, thinking and reviewing process will help you produce a clear, well organised piece of work. The trick is to break down assessments into a series of smaller, manageable steps. What appears to be overwhelming becomes realistic and helps you organise your time more efficiently.

Successful students work through the stages below to complete an assessment. It’s not necessarily a neat process and you may have to return to some stages a few times.

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