Manaaki Tauira Course Enhancements Programme

The Manaaki Tauira Course Enhancements Programme is part of the Manaaki Tauira programme of work for learner success at Lincoln University.


The Manaaki Tauira programme comes under the Māori Plan, reports up to Ahumairaki, is co-governed by the DVC Student Life and DVC Māori, and is particularly focused on equity for Māori, Pasifika and disabled tauira.  

The Manaaki Tauira Course Enhancements Programme (MT CEP) contributes to the LU Strategic Plan, particularly supporting the renewal strategy through goal #1 - A distinctive Aotearoa New Zealand end-to-end student experience, and the shaping strategy through goal #4 - A word-class research and teaching precinct. 

The MT CEP provides individual and collaborative support to academics to unpack elements of their course and develop timely and sustainable strategies that empower them to make improvements to the course that will lead to increased student success. There are four key phases: 

1. Course review  

2. Course redevelopment 

    a. Four-week programme  

    b. Implementation of action plan 

3. Course delivery, including a teaching observation 

4. Post-delivery review  

Inclusion in the programme

Priority courses are selected for each intake of the full MT CEP in consultation with Faculty Deans. Several criteria are considered including the pass rate for all tauira, pass rate for Māori and Pasifika tauira, participation rates for Māori and Pasifika tauira, course satisfaction scores from course evaluations, class size, course level, the programme/s the course contributes to, and student rep feedback and other student feedback received by LUSA. Academics will be advised by their Faculty Management if they are the examiner of a priority course.  

Regardless of selection as a priority course, other courses and examiners can benefit from the available resources including the four-week programme. The four-week programme provides a structured opportunity to explore key aspects of your course and make changes that will lead to improved learner success.   

The MT CEP four-week programme

The MT CEP four-week programme is a great opportunity to review your course with support from peers and staff in the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CeLT).  

November Summer School intake starts November 20, 2023

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You can read more about the Manaaki Tauira programme on the Hub.

If you have any questions about the Manaaki Tauira Course Enhancements Programme or the MT CEP four-week programme, please contact Teaching Quality