Living Laboratory

The LU Living Laboratory is an immersive and interdisciplinary approach to education and research where students and academics engage with partners in real-world problem solving.

The LU Living Laboratory is an immersive and interdisciplinary approach to education and research, in a dedicated physical space (e.g., Arboretum, Dairy Futures, Mt Hutt Forest Park, or Sport Exercise Science Lab) or other physical or virtual location, on- or off-campus where LU Living Laboratory projects are undertaken. 


LU Living Laboratory Projects

A LU Living Laboratory project combines the core ingredients of LU tauira | students, LU kaiako | academics, and partners (eg, Lincoln University, Māori organisations, industry, community, government, and/or schools) to contribute to the LU Strategic Plan and LU Sustainability Plan. 


The goals of a LU Living Laboratory project are to:  

  1. Provide formal and informal learning and research opportunities for LU tauira | students to engage in real-world problem-solving.  
  2. Provide a hands-on approach to learning that empowers LU tauira | students by providing an inclusive platform for embracing research, experimentation, and kaitiakitanga | stewardship. 
  3. Design and improve practical, innovative or sustainable solutions that address real-world challenges. 

LU Living Laboratory projects have benefits for: 

  • LU tauira | students – hands-on, practical, real-world, contextual learning and research opportunities  
  • LU kaiako | academics – opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations, connecting to industry, increasing student engagement, introducing a real-world learning environment, making learning experiences more tactile, and promoting – internally and externally – the learning and research opportunities that you are providing for LU tauira | students 
  • Partners – innovation and testing of solutions to real-world problems, and connecting to LU tauira | students and LU kaiako | academics 

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Examples of Living Laboratory projects

Getting started

To find out more about the LU Living Laboratory and how you can get started with a project of your own, email the Living Laboratory Management Group.

The Living Laboratory Management Group’s role is to facilitate and showcase LU Living Laboratory projects. The current members are listed below. 

Tracy-Anne De Silva   Leader
Wim de Koning  B.linc Innovation representative
Tim Curran AGLS representative
Jacob Kambuta AGCM representative
Crile Doscher ESD representative
Sam Dryden LUSA representative
Cas Bunt-Rowe Te Awhioraki representative

Tell us about your project

If you already have a Living Laboratory project we would love to hear about it. Please complete this short survey to let us know about the experiences of your tauira | students.