Akoraka | Learn

Akoraka | Learn is our learning management system. Course pages are like digital classrooms, containing learning material, lecture videos, and assessments. A course page should reflect your style of teaching.

Your Akoraka | Learn course page is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment. To make the best use of this, consider the different facets of your Akoraka | Learn course page, such as course design and assessment design, how the page reflects your approach to teaching, and the general mode of course delivery. Alongside this, think how you can best utilise Akoraka | Learn to make the students' learning journey easier and more accessible.

See below for tips on how you can introduce students to your Akoraka | Learn course page.

Find out more about the functions of Akoraka | Learn and how to use these on Ākona te Akoraka | Learn about Learn.

Introducing your students to Akoraka | Learn

Include time in the first week of your course to show students your Akoraka | Learn course page – try not to assume that they will be able to navigate this on their own. Let students know that Akoraka | Learn is the primary communication tool for the course and model that behaviour by using Announcements to communicate with students. Explain the assessments that will run via the course page and point out where the learning content is located. Let students know how often you expect them to check the course page and any interactions desired, such as using a class Forum. Take time to update your Akoraka | Learn profile with a photo and some information about yourself.

Other aspects to show your students include: 

  • The content sections of the page (eg Welcome, Assessment, Module 1) and information blocks (eg Announcements, Course Information, Panopto).
  • Different types of activities (eg forums, quizzes, lessons), which ones contribute to the course grade, how to access these, and what their purpose is (e.g. preparation, class session activity, review activity).
  • Types of resources (eg notes, class session recordings, readings, web links), how these are accessed, and their purpose (eg preparation, class session activity, review activity).