Manage and publish your research data

Find out the best practice for managing your research data.

Managing and publishing research data has several benefits for researchers: 

  1. Comply with funder and publisher requirements 
  2. Increase visibility of your published research, and gain more citations 
  3. Publish negative data to gain citations for work that in the past would have been considered wasted time  
  4. Avoid becoming a newspaper article about years’ worth of lost data 

We provide workshops to get you started, a data management plan template to keep you organised and the Data@Lincoln platform where you can publish your data at the end of your project. For more advice, you can talk with the Records and Research Data Analyst.


Getting started

The Records and Research Data Analyst, is available to assist staff, post-doctoral candidates and post-graduate students on elements of Research Data Management best practice including: 

  • data publication 
  • storage and backup, including steps you can take to keep your data safe 
  • keeping data organised so you can find (and understand) it again 
  • data compression and encryption, including when to use them and safety measures to take. 

Research Data Management training is available for staff, post-doctoral candidates and post-graduate students. Workshops are available for the following subject areas. Workshops 1 and 2 are part of the Postgraduate Workshop Series and all three workshops can be delivered on demand if four or more participants sign up. Contact Talia Skinner to schedule one of these workshops. 

  1. The What, Why and How of Research Data Management – Learn why it has become important for researchers to learn about Research Data Management. We will touch on storage and backup, metadata, file and folder names and data publication. 
  2. How to fill out a Data Management Plan – Fill out a Data Management Plan for your study or project while a staff member guides you through the university’s Qualtrics-based DMP tool.
  3. Research Data Management for Supervisors – This 45-minute course is intended to get busy researchers up to speed with the minimum they need to know about Research Data Management. 

Learn more about data manipulation and analysis and utilise some of the free statistical tools that are available on the Interrnet.