Short loans

High-demand print materials like core textbooks can be placed on 2-hour or 1-day loan.

You can request the library to move a textbook from the main collection onto 2-hour or 1-day loan to make sure all students have a chance to read it. The easiest way is by adding the item to your Leganto list, but you can also email us with any questions.

Short loan requests are welcome at any time, but to allow for library processing time we recommend submitting requests at least two weeks in advance of the start date of your course, or at other times 5 working days before you need the item.

In Leganto, you can simply:

  • Search for the title and add it as normal.
  • A pop-up will ask if you want it on 2-hour, 1-day, or the main collection – select your answer and confirm.
  • The library will process the request and let you know if we need any more information.

If you want to change the status of an item already on your list, open it to use the “Discuss with library” feature.

Alternatively (ie if you don’t have any other course readings, so aren’t using Leganto) you can email and let us know:

  • The item’s title/author/publication date
  • The course code
  • Whether you want it on 2-hour or 1-day loan
  • Any other information/requests.


  • If the Library doesn’t hold, and is unable to purchase an item, a lecturer’s personal copy can be used instead. This will be returned at the end of the semester.
  • Books, pamphlets and DVDs can all go on short loan. Please email if you have a special request.
  • The most recent edition of a title would normally be placed on short loan unless the lecturer specifies otherwise.
  • Library staff may need to adjust the loan periods of material on short loan depending on demand. Where possible the lecturer will be contacted.
  • Material is removed from short loan after the final exams each semester.