Starting at University

It’s exciting to start at university. It will be different from your previous learning experiences. Let’s look at some common questions first year students ask.

Starting university is exciting, and also a bit daunting. Whether you’re coming straight from school or are coming back to study after a break, there’s a lot to get up to speed with.

Being at university means becoming an independent learner. This doesn’t mean always working alone - engaging with your lecturers and classmates is vital to your learning.  It just means you are in charge of your time and that a lot of self-directed study is required.

At university, you set your study goals and plan out your weekly and semester time schedule. You decide how much time to spend engaging with online course resources each week. You decide when to start working on assessments.  You decide how to attend class and how actively you participate in class discussions or forums. No one gives you the answers, you need to take an active role, ask questions and find the information you need. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but you are ready for this.

This page answers some common questions new students ask.


What do I do if I need help?

Ask. Successful students ask when they are unsure or a bit confused about something. It's important to ask for help as soon as possible. Don’t feel uncomfortable about it. You can talk to your lecturer, tutor or a learning advisor for advice.

Get Individual Advice

Talk to a learning advisor or attend one of our workshops for help with your study.

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