Excel for Statistics

Some undergraduate courses and post graduate research require a basic understanding of Excel for stats.

Here's some information and resources to help get you started

Statistics in Excel
Practice data set for statistics workshops

Use this spreadsheet while attending statistics workshops. 

Descriptive Statistics in Excel: Video tips

Here are some useful videos to answer questions about descriptive statistics in Excel.

Introduction to Excel, part one

  • This video covers setting up data for analysis, using excel formulae and descriptive statistics functions.

Introduction to Excel, part two (graphing)

  • This video covers making a bar graph and scatterplots using the descriptive data performed in “Introduction to Excel, part one”.
  • An overview on how to use the “descriptive statistics” function in Excel.
  • Introductory information on calculating some descriptive statistics in Excel.
  • More advanced methods for calculating the mean, variance and standard deviation in Excel.
  • A brief introduction to perform a correlation test with two variables in Excel.
  • A brief introduction to calculating the correlation co-efficient with more than two variables.
  • How to calculate a correlation with a significance test.
  • How to install the ToolPak in Excel which gives the user more comprehensive statistical tools.
  • Some further information on using the descriptive statistics functions.