Course evaluations

End-of-semester course evaluations are great for collecting feedback about your course. If you want feedback about a specific element, ask students to comment within the evaluation.

Research shows that if you spend some time encouraging students to complete the evaluation, your response rate will increase. If you then provide students with examples of how you have used their feedback to improve your teaching and the course, it will only reinforce that you take their feedback seriously. This will further encourage them to complete the course evaluation when asked. And to make co-operation even easier, consider allocating time in one of your class sessions for students to complete the course evaluation.


Course evaluations are required for each course offering. Students are asked to provide feedback on questions that ask about learning outcomes, teaching methods, the availability and helpfulness of instructional resources and assessment issues. A copy of the results of each course evaluation are made available after results are released to the lecturer, the lecturer’s line manager, the lecturer’s Faculty Dean or Divisional Director and the Director, Learning, Teaching and Library.

Course evaluations become available towards the end of the teaching period and teaching staff will be informed when they are open for student feedback.  Course evaluations are carried out online using Qualtrics and students can complete them at any time during the 3-week period they are available.