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Akoraka | Learn is Lincoln University’s learning management system. Course pages are like digital classrooms, containing learning material, class videos, readings, assessments and activities.

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Akoraka | Learn

Your Akoraka | Learn course pages are an integral part of your learning journey. There are many different facets of your Akoraka | Learn course page, such as numerous learning materials, the different assessment modules and communications from teaching staff. Consider this the 'go-to place' for all your course material.

Akoraka | Learn course pages go live one week before the official course start date and this is the ideal time to log in, have a good look around all your course pages and make a plan for the semester. The pages will also be regularly updated throughout the semester.

All course pages have elements in common, such as the course outline in the information block on the right side, as well as class videos in the Panopto block. On the left side, you can check your course grades and navigate to different sections of the course page.

Your Akoraka | Learn dashboard provides an overview of all your courses, when assessments are due and important notices. Along the top of the dashboard, there are Hotlinks where you can access the Panopto platform, your email and Microsoft applications, make a request for IT help or check the teaching timetable.