How to use Turnitin to check your work

Turnitin is software that checks your writing to see if you have copied text from other sources. It then provides a report summarising how much copying it has detected.

Turnitin for students 

Examiners create links to Turnitin through assessment drop-boxes on the Akoraka | Learn course page. In most cases you can submit your assessment early and get feedback to improve your writing and reduce copying before resubmitting. 

Watch our video showing how to upload an assessment and interpret the score that Turnitin generates.

Reading the Turnitin similarity report

Learn how to read the Turnitin similarity report.

Turnitin for researchers 

A Thesis, Dissertation and Research Turnitin page in Akoraka | Learn is available for postgraduate students and researchers who want to check their work (eg thesis, thesis proposal or conference paper) before submitting them. If you would like to have access to the site please contact either Andrew Sepie or Hadrian Taylor.

If you are doing an assessment for a Master’s level taught class eg ERST 621 Turnitin will be available via the assessment drop-box on the Akoraka | Learn course page. 

Turnitin for teachers 

Advice on using Turnitin for teachers can be found in Akoraka | Learn.