Spaces and study rooms

Ivey Hall, our magnificent building in the heart of the campus, has a great choice of study areas and spaces to suit individual or group study. 

You will find a wide variety of study spaces, bookable rooms and areas to discover within Ivey Hall. From open conversation areas through to the noise free study top floor, there are spaces and facilities to suit your needs.

There are several study rooms in the library for group study by two or more students. Each room has a group discussion table, whiteboard and large digital screen which can be linked to a laptop. A pack of cables and adapters may be borrowed from the Library Enquiries. 

To keep access fair, the following rules apply: 

  • Bookings are for 30 minutes or 1 hour per user per day 
  • Rooms are for a minimum of two users 
  • You may have up to 10 future bookings 
  • You can book up to 28 days ahead. 

Bookings that break these rules may be deleted. For help (or in case of disputes) please ask at the Library Enquiries.  

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We operate a 3-Level Traffic-light noise control system, quieter on higher floors

Second (Top) floor - Noise Free please

Silent individual study only. There are individual carrells and long desks with window views out to the campus and the internal garden. 

  • The main library collection continues from Level one, from NA2 - Z 
  • Study rooms (bookable) for groups of two or more  
  • Video Lab for recording  
  • Map collection. 

First floor - Quieter voices, study-related conversation

Quiet study zones for working alone or with another person on study-related tasks. We have a variety of tables, desks and individual carrels with differing outlooks, lighting and privacy.  

  • The main library collection begins on Level one, from A – NA1 
  • Time out. An area for recreational reading, puzzles and games - a space to relax
  • There is a multifunction printer located outside the staff office L101
  • Study rooms (bookable) for groups of two or more.  

Ground Floor - Chat away!

Group study areas for working with others on a study-related task, and networked computers. Included is a Bring-Your-Own-Device area, where you can use your own laptop and connect with LU screens. Again, we offer a variety of tables, desks, booths and computer workstations, for sitting and standing, with differing outlooks, lighting, privacy and accessibility. 

  • The Conservatory – a comfortable area with couches and beanbags for a quick nap, phone call or break from study 
  • The Lounge - a social space for eating, drinking and socialising. There are vending machines with coffee, cold drinks and snacks, plus boiling and chilled water on tap, microwaves and a sink 
  • Ngā Kete e Toru - a specialised collection and study space designed to improve access to Māori resources and taonga 
  • The  ground floor  only of Ivey Hall is open for all postgraduate students 6am – 3am daily. All students will be asked to leave Ivey Hall when the Library closes, and Postgraduate students will then need to swipe their ID card to re-enter after the main doors are locked. Lifts and stairs to upper floors are inaccessible after hours. 
  • There are several multi-function printers on the ground floor, also guillotine, hole punch, etc, and a stapling function is at the front of each printer.  IT is available to help if you get stuck.
Toilets Are located on all levels, gender-neutral on Levels 1 and 2. 
Lifts Two to Level 1, one to Level 2