APC funding

We can help you with funding. We administer a fund to contribute to the cost of article processing charges (APCs) covering open access publication. You can apply for funding where your article meets eligibility criteria.

Making your research output openly available to the international research community maximises visibility and engagement and increases citations. LTL administers a fund on behalf of the university and will contribute to the cost of the article processing charges (APCs) where the payment enables open access in perpetuity for a global audience.

APCs for selected journals

In addition to the APC fund, LTL is trialling Read & Publish agreements with some publishers where we automatically cover APCs for Lincoln authors during 2023. The option is available on selected journals at:

  • Cambridge University Press [388 titles]
  • CSIRO [17 titles]
  • Elsevier [2830 titles - note offer is capped and may expire earlier]
  • Oxford University Press [361 titles] - note offer is capped and may expire earlier
  • Sage [924 titles]
  • Springer Nature [1976 titles - note offer is capped and may expire earlier]
  • Taylor & Francis [349 titles - note offer is capped and may expire earlier]
  • Wiley and Hindawi [1894 titles - note offer is capped and may expire earlier]

APC fund for other journals

The APC fund is now closed for 2023 due to high demand and increased costs of publishing.

Lincoln University authors are invited to apply for APC funding at the submission stage of the publishing process.

Funding Available
  • The fund will pay up to NZD $3,500 for a single article.
  • If the APC costs more than this, the fund will contribute NZD $3,500 as partial payment.
  • The lead author must be a current Lincoln University staff member or postgraduate student, so the published affiliation can be assigned to Lincoln University.
  • The corresponding author must also be a current Lincoln University member. Also, please ensure that the publisher’s invoice is addressed to them as a Lincoln University affiliate and clearly states the currency. LTL will need a copy of this invoice in order to pay it.
  • Where there are external co-authors on the paper, or where the lead author has visitor status, the paper must have more LU authors than external authors to demonstrate that the research is being led by Lincoln University.
The journal

The journal you are submitting your paper to must be reputable:

  • The journal should be peer-reviewed or have a recognised editorial process.
  • The journal should have a suitable quality rating and be included in at least one of:
The paper
  • Open access: A Creative Commons licence must be applied to the paper and it must not be embargoed or have delayed open access conditions.
  • Funding acknowledgement: Where possible, your paper should include a statement acknowledging Lincoln University Open Access Fund as funding or part-funding its publication.
  • Data availability statement: Where possible, your paper should include a statement advising of one of the following options, in order of preference:
    • Where the data have been, or will be, openly published (we encourage authors to publish their data at Data@Lincoln if they don’t have a preferred data repository); or
    • Where/who the data can be requested from; or
    • If the data is unavailable due to commercial, ethical, or cultural reasons; or
    • If no data was involved in the preparation of the paper.
Your responsibilities if funding is approved
  • Deposit the final PDF version of your publication into Research@Lincoln via Elements.
  • Provide us with a brief non-expert summary of the publication (3-5 sentences), plus a copyright cleared image that represents your research to help us promote your paper on research platforms and in professional media.

More information

Please direct questions about the eligibility criteria to a member of the APC Assessment Team: or



If your paper meets the above criteria, please complete the APC Application form.