Online Collections

The library has a wide-ranging collection of online resources specially tailored to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of the University community. 


Databases are collections of online resources, providing access to journal articles, ebooks, reports, videos and more.

We provide access to a range of online databases to help with your research. Some databases allow you to search hundreds of different journals and books at the same time to find out what has been published on a topic or subject while more specialist databases give access to particular types of information and resources.

For a full list of our online databases see our database page. You can see lists of databases by subject area and category or browse the complete list. 

Licence and access restrictions apply to electronic databases!
Due to licencing restrictions, some resources are only available to students and staff whilst others can be enjoyed more widely. The links below display our resources by availability. Note that each group can also access all the resources for the groups listed above them.

Databases available to:

  • everyone
  • all internet users in New Zealand
  • registered Lincoln University Library user (i.e. Visitor and Alumni members)
  • Lincoln students and staff
  • Windows users on-campus only
Users may:
  • search the databases for teaching, study and research purposes only
  • print or download a limited amount of excerpts for their own scholarly or research use.
Users may NOT:
  • create substantial subsets of data
  • copy, sell or provide the data for any commercial or nonprofit use.

The library has a vast collection of eBooks, which you can access online anytime, anywhere, using your username and password. Find out more about using eBooks in your teaching.

We have a number of eBook packages available, each with specific focuses that target the core subject areas taught at Lincoln University.


We have a number of online map databases, and all campus Windows computers have access to FreshMap and MapToaster Topo/NZ, via Software Centre.

  • Printed maps are located in the map cabinets on Level 2 or filed alongside books in the general collection.
  • Atlases of the world are located at G1021.
  • Road atlas and street directories of NZ are located at G2796.P2.

The map collection includes the following types:

  • Topographical maps
  • Cadastral maps
  • Land Resource Inventory maps
  • Erosion and Soil maps
  • Geological map
  • Climatic maps
  • Farm Location maps
  • National Parks and Forest Park
  • Bathymetric and Sediments maps
  • South Island Pastoral Run maps
  • World maps

Our DVD collection has subject DVDs, shelved in the main collection, as well as movies for leisure viewing which are available in the time out section. Māori-content DVDs are kept in the Ngā Kete e Toru Collection.

We also have a number of digital video collections available for streaming.