Presenting your research

Find out the best way to present your research in journals, conference presentations, poster papers and other media.

These resources and links will help you navigate the publishing process, as well as provide tips on effectively presenting conference papers and posters. 

We know how important it is to get all the details right, so we have provided some information about how to enhance your presentations, so that all your hard work is seen in the best possible light. 

For more detailed information, follow the links. 

Publish your research

Develop a researcher profile

Measuring your research impact 

Responding to feedback 

Dealing with reviewer feedback can be daunting. To make the process less nerve wracking, here are some basic tips for responding to reviewers

Presenting at conferences

Need to impress a large audience? Here are some tips and advice. 

  • Giving a presentation - an introduction to preparing and rehearsing for a presentation.
  • 3MT - how to make the most of your 3MT presentation

Creating an academic poster

A poster provides an opportunity for making valuable contacts. At a conference, a member of the research team stands by the poster display ready to engage in meaningful dialogue with interested conference attendees.