The last day of class

5 October 2022

The last day of class is an important opportunity for students to reflect on their learning. Take some time to plan the last day of class to end the semester well.

With the last day of class approaching, now is a good time to start planning what your class session will look like. 

Some specific suggestions for your last day of class include:

  • Provide students with time to complete the course evaluation
  • Review the aims and learning outcomes
  • Summarise the key content covered in each module – ask students to contribute
  • Connect the course to future courses or careers, emphasising life-long learning
  • Hold an open Q&A session – you could set up a forum to receive questions prior to the last class.
  • Create reflective opportunities for students by asking them to:
    • Produce a flow chart or one-page summary of what they have learned
    • Reflect on the goals they set themselves at the start of the course
    • Share their top moments in the course (share with the class, discuss in pairs, or write on paper and hand in)
    • Provide their key recommendations for the next delivery of the course (share with the class, discuss in pairs, or write on paper and hand in)
  • Continue to prepare students for their final assessment (see our related tip here)
  • Agree on the support you will provide prior to the final assessment date (e.g. drop-in times, Q&A forum)
  • Thank the students for their participation and contribution throughout the semester
  • Wish the students well with their final assessment and future studies


Take note of what the students share - these comments can be used in your course reflection and can influence how you deliver the course next time.