Preparing students for their final assessment

28 September 2022

To help prepare students for success in their final exam or other final assessment, examiners should make all requirements explicitly clear to students no later than four (4) weeks prior to the assessment date.

The following information should be made available to students:

  1. the technical requirements and expectations
  2. what software/applications they will need
  3. clear rules and instructions (i.e. this is the student’s own work, they are not to communicate with anyone else, and what resources they are allowed to access)
  4. the format – time limits, open/closed book, online/paper, invigilated/not invigilated, question types, response length, etc
  5. the coverage – learning outcomes and the modules and/or topics covered.

You can also help prepare your students by providing examples of what makes a good response or a poor response to questions, and by providing a practice exam for students to get familiar with the online format and/or the types of questions used. The latter is particularly useful for first-year students who may not have yet experienced online exams at Lincoln University.

Please note that it is important that your final exam or other final assessment is moderated prior to making the above information available to students, as requirements may change through the moderation process.

Also refer to our Preparing Tests and Exams Checklist and Tip Sheet and our Moderating Assessment Items Checklist and Tip Sheet.