Preparing tests and exams

1 September 2022

When preparing tests and exams it is very important that you keep in mind what learning outcome/s you are trying to assess as this will guide you in deciding the types of questions to include.

Remember to include some diversity in the types of questions that you ask. By doing so, you provide students with a better opportunity to demonstrate their learning.

Selected response questions (e.g. multiple-choice, true-false, drag and drop, matching) are useful to assess recall of concepts and information, terms and definitions, problem-solving, or vocabulary. Constructed response questions (e.g. short answers, essay questions, case studies) are useful to assess problem-solving or a student’s ability to analyse, synthesise or evaluate information. Again, please refer to the learning outcomes in your course outline.

Other useful guidelines for writing and uploading tests and exams to your Akoraka | Learn course page are available in our Preparing Tests and Exams Checklist and Tip Sheet.