Making changes based on student feedback

13 September 2023

Using student feedback to identify changes that can be made, now and in future course deliveries, will help to improve the student learning experience.


Making changes requires you to review and reflect on the student feedback you have. Student feedback comes in many forms including:

  • Student rep feedback – sought yourself, or passed on through the student rep reports submitted to LUSA in week 5. Ask your HoD or Faculty Dean if you have not yet seen your student rep report.
  • Mid-semester feedback – gathered in class or online (see our previous tip on mid-semester feedback)
  • Informal conversations with students – during class, in your office, or via email
  • Assessment – where are your students performing well and where are they not performing so well?
  • Other student feedback - see our suggestions for how to gather student feedback during the semester


Once you have some student feedback, here are some steps that you can take, either on your own or with the support of colleagues:

1. Summarise the feedback

2. Identify areas for change

3. Discuss the feedback

4. Finalise the changes

5. Share your plans with your students

For more details on each of these steps, see our previous tip on Reviewing, and responding to, student feedback.


As you work through step 2, there are several resources available to guide you in key areas of your course, including: