Mid-Semester Feedback

17 August 2022

Mid-semester feedback is a good way to hear from students about how the course is going prior to the end-of-semester course evaluation.

The feedback will provide teaching staff with opportunities for early intervention if necessary. It also reinforces with your students that you take their learning seriously.

Gathering mid-semester feedback allows you to identify both the elements that enhance learning as well as those that may be creating obstacles for your students, helping you to improve your teaching. This may also assist you in your Promotion application by providing evidence of your ability to proactively respond and manage any issue raised by students within your course to achieve a positive outcome for all.

Suggestion: Plan to gather mid-semester feedback next week prior to the mid-semester study break. This will provide you with some time before teaching begins again after the break to give due consideration to the ideas presented and how you can use these as a means towards positive change in your course.

Our Mid-Semester Feedback Checklist and Tip Sheet will help you gain maximum benefit from the feedback process.

If you would like to discuss how to respond to the mid-semester feedback that you gather, please contact Teaching Quality (