Learning from Observing

14 September 2022

Teaching observations are an integral part of the teaching and learning improvement cycle - participating gives you an opportunity to help others learn from you as well as a chance to reflect on your own teaching.

Some of the ways you can become involved in teaching observations include:

  1. Participating in a Teaching and Learning Circle
  2. Requesting a Teaching Observation from the Teaching Quality team
  3. Becoming an observer for the Teaching Quality team

A Teaching and Learning Circle provides a supportive collegial environment that uses reciprocal peer observations of teaching, collegial discussion and self-reflection to improve teaching practice. This is a new initiative, and the Teaching Quality team is looking for some participants for Semester Two. Find out more about the process and register to become a member of a Teaching and Learning Circle on Teaching at Lincoln.

The Teaching Quality team is also able to provide a personalised Teaching Observation – email to discuss. Teaching Observations can be requested for any reason including in direct response to issues raised during student feedback, as part of professional development, or in support of an application for promotion or the Excellence in Education Awards.

Contact to find out more about how you can become involved in Teaching Observations.