Have you got a oral presentation coming up? Building confidence and developing new skills in this area is important for doing well in these assessments, and can also assist with some career and scholarship opportunities. On this page you can make an appointment for advice on one of your upcoming presentations, ask a question online (Ask Live), or read some of Library, Teaching and Learning’s oral presentation resources.

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Oral presentations

Giving a presentation

  • An introduction to preparing and rehearsing for a presentation

Oral presentations in science

  • An in-depth look at how to create and deliver an effective presentation

“Presentation zen: simple ideas on presentation, design and delivery”

  • Tips on design and delivery from Garr Reynolds



Top ten slide tips

  • Tips for designing effective PowerPoint slides

10 dos and donts of presenting with PowerPoint 

  • How to use PowerPoint to engage your audience

“Better PowerPoint: quick fixes based on how your audience thinks”

  • More tips on design