Your teaching and facilitation of learning contributions

13 December 2023

Continuing the theme of the last two tips related to preparing your Teaching Portfolio, this week we focus on telling your story through "Your teaching and facilitation of learning contributions".

"Your teaching and facilitation of learning contributions" is one of four sections in the Teaching and Facilitation of Learning achievement area in the Promotions process. The focus is on your responsibilities, activities to improve teaching, service, and publications and professional contributions.


Your teaching and facilitation of learning responsibilities

Outline the roles you have undertaken including:

  • Programme coordination
  • Involvement with courses
    • Your role, e.g. Examiner, Lecturer, Tutor, Facilitator
    • Team teaching arrangements and role, including the proportion of your involvement, e.g. 50%
    • Guest lecturing
    • Number of students and pass rate 
    • Involvement with field trips, laboratories, international and block teaching
  • Supervision of Honours and Masters by Coursework students
  • Other teaching activities


Activities you have undertaken to improve your teaching and facilitation of learning

Discuss the following activities and how they have led to improvements in your teaching:

  • Professional development
  • Changes to your courses or supervision - have a look at your Course Improvements section in your Course Outline
  • Response to problems


Service regarding teaching and facilitation of learning

Talk about the service roles you have undertaken and specific activities that you undertook. Examples include:

  • Faculty Teaching Committee
  • Moderator
  • Development of faculty teaching resources
  • Course design contributions for other courses
  • Presentations at workshops, seminars, etc
  • Mentoring and facilitation of colleagues’ teaching and/or supervision


Publications and professional contributions

This section can include published and unpublished resources including: 

  • Published (and unpublished) curriculum material, textbooks, textbook resources, study guides, lab manuals, resource handbooks
  • Books, conference papers, journal articles related to teaching or supervision
  • Funding relating to teaching and facilitation of learning


Preparing your Teaching Portfolio takes time. We recommend using this Teaching Portfolio Notes file to help you capture ideas and draft your statements for each section. For assistance with preparing your Teaching Portfolio, see our past workshop material and look out for our next workshop in May 2024. You can also contact Teaching Quality ( to book a time to discuss your Teaching Portfolio or come and see us at one of our weekly drop-in times.