Using lesson plans to enhance student learning

2 August 2023

Lesson planning will help you deliver a well-thought-out session and will help your students get the most out of the learning experience.

A lesson plan is a road map for teachers for how to effectively use class session time to help students learn what needs to be learnt. It lays out the direction your teaching will take; a real confidence boost before a class session and maximises your chance of providing a meaningful learning experience for your students.

Lesson plans have three key components:

  • Outcomes for student learning
  • Teaching and learning activities
  • Strategies to check student understanding

Six key steps to follow when preparing a lesson are:

1. Identify the learning outcomes for the class session

2. Develop an introduction

3. Plan the specific learning activities and their sequence

4. Plan how you are going to check for student understanding

5. Develop a closure

6. Create a realistic timeline

Read more about each step on our Lesson Planning page.

During your class session, you can share your lesson plan with your students in the form of an Agenda (see our previous tip on What is on the Agenda?).

After your class session spend a few minutes reflecting on what worked well and why, and what could be done differently. Use this to improve both your delivery of this content next time and future lesson plans.