The benefits of online marking

8 March 2023

Marking online via the Akoraka | Learn course page provides numerous benefits for markers and students throughout the assessment process including submission, marking, and provision of feedback and grades.

Some of the benefits of marking assessments online rather than on paper include:

  • Greater efficiency: Frequently used comments (aka Quicklist) and the automation of collating marks allows markers to work more efficiently. There are also options in some Akoraka | Learn activities (e.g. Quiz) to provide automated feedback and grading.
  • Ease of access: With a device and internet connection, students can submit from anywhere at any time, markers can mark from anywhere at any time, and students can access their feedback and marks from anywhere at any time for both individual and group work assessments.
  • Improved accessibility: Features like text-to-speech and alternative formatting options can make it easier for students with disabilities to access feedback.
  • Reduced environmental impact: No more paper - eliminate the need for printing assessments and marking sheets. Also eliminate the commute required to submit or mark on-campus.
  • Enhanced feedback: Provision of detailed and personalised feedback to each student becomes easier with the ability to leave comments directly on the assessment submission, provide audio or video feedback, or use tools like rubrics to provide specific feedback on each component of the assessment.
  • Reduced errors: Eliminating manual processes including recording marks in a spreadsheet reduces opportunities for error.
  • Improved consistency: Use a standardised marking rubric or marking guide, to ensure that markers are assessing each assessment consistently.
  • Moderating markers: Allocate, track and review the marking completed by other markers.
  • Integration with Gradebook: Gradebook is integrated with Akoraka | Learn activities (e.g. Assignment and Quiz), providing easy access to student marks.


For more guidance on marking online, contact a member of Teaching Quality ( and book a place in our upcoming workshop:

  • Marking assessments online: Wednesday 15 March, 9.00 – 10.30 am

Also see our workshop resources on Teaching at Lincoln for our workshop on Designing effective marking rubrics.



OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool was used to aid the production of this week’s teaching tip.