Teaching at Lincoln is getting a refresh

11 May 2023

This week's tip is an announcement and a call for feedback.

Teaching Quality has created many resources over the years – teaching tips, workshop recordings, checklists, video series, and other bespoke content. This has all been available to LU staff via our Teaching at Lincoln Akoraka | Learn page and the public-facing LTL website, Te Kete Wānaka.

However, we realised a need to rethink the way we communicate these resources to staff. As such, we are shifting the focus of Teaching at Lincoln to be around specific issues, or pain points, we know academics have. Every section, or course block, of Teaching at Lincoln will now be framed as, “I want to do … X”. We will slowly roll these “I want to ...” sections out over the next few months, but we wanted to release the first one today and get your feedback.

So, in response to one of the most common questions we get asked: I want to get students to engage more is now available! We look forward to hearing your feedback. 

As you’ll see, we have curated existing content and provided a narrative flow that explains how one piece of advice relates to another. We think the result is a more effective and useful “lesson” on topics that matter to you.

Future “I want to …” sections will include:

  • Make marking more efficient
  • Make changes to a course
  • Teach with artificial intelligence
  • Make assessment more engaging
  • Get ready for next semester
  • Create active learning experiences
  • Add online components to my in-person course


What else would you like to see? We need your input to make our support as effective as possible!


Contact Teaching Quality with your ideas.