Setting up Gradebook for the start of semester

14 February 2024

Gradebook in your Akoraka | Learn course page must match your Course Outline assessment table and be set up correctly at least one week prior to the start of teaching.

A correctly set up Gradebook means accurate marks can be shared, and the correct proportion of the final mark is calculated for each assessment.

Students can see marks and feedback for assessments they have completed and see how their marks accumulate towards their final course grade.

Setting up Gradebook is a three-step process, with the first step being to add, or update, all the assessment activities (e.g. Quiz, Assignment, Workshop) on your course page. This also has the added benefit of populating the timeline for students.

Refer to the "Gradebook" section on Ākona te Akoraka | Learn about Learn for comprehensive resources on setting up and using Gradebook, including an easy-to-use checklist and step-by-step instructions to assist you in meeting the University's requirements.

Refer also to the "Get my course ready for next semester" section on Teaching at Lincoln for guidance on setting up your course page and other tasks to complete before teaching starts.