Resetting your Akoraka | Learn course page

31 January 2024

It is important that course pages are reset before each new offering begins. The best time to reset is before students have access to course pages (i.e. at least 8 days prior to teaching commencing).

The process of resetting the course page clears out the student data from the previous course offering, including grades that sit 'behind' the page, and clears the course page of information that was created specifically for the last time that the course was offered (e.g. Grades, Announcements, Groups, Quiz attempts).

Examiners can reset the course page via the Reset option in the Administration menu on the left-hand side of the course page.

When you reset the course page, it is important to note:

  • A course page reset takes out student data from the last time the course was delivered.
  • A course page reset does not delete course content, change any of the activities (i.e. Assignment or Quiz), or alter what you have set up on the course page, itself.
  • The page is 'cleaned up', the old course announcements cleared, and the assessment activities are reset, ready for the next cohort of students.

Guidance on resetting your course page can be found on Ākona te Akoraka | Learn about Learn under Housekeeping.

Guidance on setting up your course page ready for the semester can be found on Teaching at Lincoln under Get my course ready for next semester.

For assistance, come along to our Teaching Drop-in Sessions and/or our Akoraka | Learn Course Page Sprint on Friday 9 February for assistance (book your place).