Peer marking using the Workshop activity

27 March 2024

Learning how to provide, receive, reflect, and act on feedback is a valuable lifelong skill. Peer marking is one technique that can be used to engage students in the feedback process.

In a previous teaching tip, we highlighted the benefits of peer marking.

The Workshop activity in Akoraka | Learn is a peer assessment activity that provides "anonymised peer-marking" for written as well as audio or video content. Submission author and reviewer names are not released to students at any point. However, the submission title is visible. We therefore recommend that your assessment instructions include a statement for students to use submission titles that do not include any identifying student information (e.g. their student name and/or student ID number). You can also set up your Workshop activity so that students submit their work as an online submission rather than uploading a file. Students can either type their work directly in the online submission box or copy and paste from a file (e.g. MS Word document).

In the Workshop activity, you can derive a student's mark based on a combination of the mark they are awarded for their submission and their assessment of other students' submissions. In the Grading phase of the Workshop activity, you can review the spread of marks and make adjustments, if necessary, to remove outlier marks.   

Guidance on setting up a Workshop activity in Akoraka | Learn is available on Ākona te Akoraka | Learn about Learn, and from the Teaching Quality team via email or at our weekly drop-in sessions (