Moderating Assessment Items

8 September 2022

Moderation is an important element of academic quality and “All assessment items worth 10% or more of the overall course grade must be moderated before being provided to students” (Assessment Policy).

Moderation is “a process whereby another party reviews assessment activities for, inter alia, appropriateness of content consistent with learning outcomes, levels, clarity of assessment instructions, marking criteria, marking guidelines or marking rubrics” (Assessment Policy).

Examiners should provide the Moderator with all the necessary material for them to review the proposed assessment item including the questions and instructions, solution notes and the marking criteria. Depending on the proposed assessment item, these could be provided in MS Word or PDF format, or by providing the Moderator with access to the Akoraka | Learn course page so they can view the module (e.g. Quiz) and the Question bank.

Moderators are appointed in the Faculty/Division. Examiners should contact their line manager if they are unsure who has been appointed as the Moderator for their course. Contact your Faculty/Division Academic Programme Manager or Associate Dean (Academic) for information about the moderation process in your area.

When moderating proposed assessment items, refer to the Assessment Policy, the Examination Moderators Guideline, the In-term Test Guidelines for Staff, and the Moderating Assessment Items Checklist and Tip Sheet.