Is your course page set up for learners?

3 April 2024

While there can, and are, variations in course pages, it is important to make sure your course page is set up with learners in mind.

Several resources are available to help you set up your course page. Use these resources before you start teaching and during the semester to check your course page is set up for learners and make adjustments accordingly. Consider asking a colleague to review your course page.

Your course page should follow the approved LU template including the structure, heading format, and use of bilingual headings. Information and material should be included to support learner success and the course content should be organised in thematic modules or time-based sections.  The course materials, activities, and assessments should be varied and relevant to the course, clearly explained, and accessible to all tauira | students. Gradebook needs to be set up to match the assessment table in the Course Outline. 

Key resources include:

Teaching Quality is available for assistance with your course page. Come along to our drop-in times or email us ( for assistance.