Giving students access to your course textbooks and other readings

24 January 2024

Your course textbook (required or recommended) can be made available to students via Leganto by providing a link to a print or e-book version if one is available and/or requesting a copy be placed on short loan.

Short loan moves a physical textbook from the main collection onto 2-hour or 1-day loan to make sure all students have a chance to read it. The Library can add an academic’s personal copy if there is no copy in the main collection. eBooks can often also be configured to ensure maximum access for your class. 

The best way to request either short loan or e-book configuration is via Leganto. If you already have a Leganto reading list for your course, start by rolling over your reading list, and then search for your textbook and add the item to your Leganto reading list. A pop-up will ask what option you prefer – select your answer and confirm. If you already have the item in your reading list, you can use the “discuss with LTL feature” as shown in our video “How to request short loan for books and e-books”. If you do not yet have a Leganto reading list, see our how-to guides on our Leganto page.  

Short loan requests are welcome at any time, but to allow for Library processing time we recommend submitting requests at least two weeks in advance of the start date of your course. Please note that email requests will experience a delay. 

All other course readings (e.g. articles, industry reports), including those in printed course handbooks, need to be uploaded via our copyright management system, Leganto, to avoid the University and/or staff being sued for breach of copyright. 

Book now for our Course Readings and Copyright workshops where you will learn how to request short loan and make your readings easily accessible to students while complying with our Copyright requirements. 

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