Get ready for Summer School teaching

25 October 2023

Reap the benefits of being better prepared for teaching in Summer School by utilising a range of resources designed to help you.

No matter what you teach or how you teach, taking the time to adequately prepare is such an important way to ensure that your teaching progresses as smoothly as possible throughout Summer School.

Preparing effectively can lead to several benefits including more organised course information, reduced student enquiries, a happier student cohort, a better learning experience for your students, time savings for you, and an overall better teaching experience.

To help you with your preparations, please refer to our Get my course ready for next semester section on Teaching at Lincoln. This section includes information on Setting up your Akoraka |  Learn course page, Preparing for Teaching, and other Useful Resources. We encourage you to also take some time to explore the following resources:

The Teaching Quality team is here to help. Contact Teaching Quality ( to book a time to discuss your course or come and see us at one of our weekly drop-in times.

Best wishes with your preparation and delivery of summer school.