Create Welcome and Introduction videos for your course

15 November 2023

Videos help to humanise you and your course to students who may naturally perceive you as an unknowable authority figure.

Videos that can make the biggest impact towards this goal are short (~3 minute) videos that introduce the course, yourself, and specific modules.  


Some tips for making great videos include:  

  • Access our script templates to help you think through what you want to say. Having a script does not mean you need to read verbatim when the video starts recording; a script is just a helpful structure to follow.
  • Try to make videos short – i.e. 1-3 min, if needed no more than 7 min. 
  • Be warm – the camera is a refrigerator that can make you seem cold. 
  • Look at the camera lens when speaking. Feel free to look away but when something is important, look at the lens. 
  • Treat the lens as a friend or trusted colleague whom you want to tell some news. 
  • Change speed and emphasis. If something is more important, slow down and dwell a little. Think of your script/video as a short road trip. When there is a hill to climb pace yourself, when there is a valley, zoom down, and when there is a flat, keep a comfortable pace.  
  • We speak at around 130-180 words per minute, so a 3-minute script will be ~450 words 
  • If saying your script verbatim is important for your topic, consider using a teleprompter app on your smartphone or an online teleprompter such as this free teleprompter software.