Strengthening your writing


Developing an essay structure
This interactive tutorial will show you how to develop a clear, well-structured essay (from University of Sydney)

Writing Introductions and conclusions
This practical tutorial will help you write clear introductions and conclusions (from University of Sydney)

Paragraph structure
This interactive tutorial will help you write well-structured paragraphs, and provides examples from different disciplines (from University of Sydney)

Writing clearly

Writing cohesively
This practical tutorial shows you how to create a smooth flow in your writing (from University of Sydney)

Transition signals
A list of words that will help highlight the logical flow of your writing

Writing persuasively
This tutorial explains the difference between descriptive, analytical and evaluative writing, and shows you how to write persuasively (from University of Sydney)

Clearer Writing
interactive tutorial shows you how to improve the structure and cohesion of your writing (from University of Sydney)

Academic Phrasebank
A set of phrases commonly used in research writing, collated by University of Manchester.

Grammar and punctuation

Punctuation Basics

Tenses in academic writing: a beginner’s guide

Tense use in research writing

Sentence structure

Grammar Tips
A useful blog with quick grammar tips

Grammar checking software
You may want to sign up for a free Grammarly account which is a more advanced tool than the grammar checker built into Word. To create and use a free account you need to be using Firefox, Chrome or Safari and then install the browser plugin that makes the service run.


Revising, editing and proofreading

Editing your work Icon of video camera

Copy editing your Lincoln University thesis or dissertation
This document explains the Lincoln University policy on copy editing and how to organise a copy editor for your thesis/dissertation

Editing your thesis
How to create a reader-friendly document, write authoritatively and use a consistent style (interactive tutorial from Monash University)

Polishing your thesis Icon of video camera
Tips on how to structure chapters and edit your thesis (video from Massey University)