Can you find one of the newest additions to our art collection?

7 September 2023

Somewhere in the library, this unassuming lithograph by artist Juliet Peter conveys a distinct New Zealand image. A fern frond proudly swirls and curls in all its glory in front of green bush and a patchwork blue sky.

Juliet Peter (1915-2010) was a New Zealand painter, printmaker, illustrator, and potter whose work is represented in many national art collections. Her work is often capturing a moment in time, scenes of people, places, and events in ordinary life. Like this image, much of it also captures the bush around her home in the hills of Ngaio, Wellington, where she lived much of her life.

Have you seen it? See if you can find it…



Juliet Peter Frond III (detail)
Lithograph, ed. 9/15
Lincoln University Art Collection LU306