The collection contains nearly 140,000 e-books, 110,000 books, 57,000 serials, and 245 databases, we also hold print copies of our local newspapers. The physical collection is spread out over the 3 floors of the building, with new items displayed on level 0. Nearly all content, both digital and print, can be found via Library Search and rare archival material can be viewed on request.



Lincoln University digital theses are preserved in and made available through the Lincoln University Research Archive.

The advantages of web access to theses include:

  • the research has a global audience, and students gain world wide exposure and recognition
  • more immediate access to research findings is available
  • access is independent of time, place and computer system/platform
  • theses are protected from physical damage or loss.

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Digital Video Collections

eTV - livestreaming and recording of programs from all free-to-air NZ TV channels (as well as some Sky TV and international channels). Search by keyword or for a particular TV programme. You can clip parts of videos you want to view or show.

Kanopy - extensive range of videos on topics including business, environmental science, agriculture, biology, sociology, architecture, and English as a second language. You can create clips, playlists and comment on the videos. - more than 1,400 training course videos on a broad range of subjects, including business skills, photography, design, music and video, home computing, animation, and web design and development.

New Zealand Geographic - documentary videos from the Dunedin’s legendary production house Natural History New Zealand (formerly the Natural History Unit) and New Zealand Geographic. All content is in HD definition.


Our DVD collection has subject DVDs as well as movies for leisure viewing. They are shelved on the ground floor near the spiral staircase and can be borrowed for 3 days (free of charge). To search DVDs go to Library Search

Note: that Māori content DVDs are kept in the Ngā Kete e Toru Collection.

Art Collection

Ivey Hall Reconstruction 58

Ivey Hall Reconstruction – Inside Looking North.
Colin J. Wheeler. 1987.
Lincoln University Art Collection No. 58

The Lincoln University Art Collection exists to enhance the environment for staff, students, researchers and visitors and is also used as a teaching tool particularly for Landscape Architecture students. In addition to the enrichment of the University setting, the Collection forms a significant part of the broader context of art and culture, both locally and nationally.

The Collection was established by the University Art Committee and comprises original works of art in a variety of media. It includes works dating from as early as 1639, with the majority of works by contemporary New Zealand artists dating from the 1970s through to the present day.

Library, Teaching and Learning has responsibility for the management of the University Art Collection. Contact us about matters related to the Art Collection and the Lincoln University Art Collection Policy.

For further information see:

Recent acquisitions

  • Robyn Kahukiwa. Ko Te Hongi III.
  • Sally Hope. Portrait of Roger Field.
  • Jane Hyder. Pacific Power.
  • Jo Ogier. Huia’s Lament.

Time Out

Read to relax?    Need some study relief?

Check out the Library’s recreational reading collection – Time Out which houses up to 2000 novels.

Time Out is located on the first floor.

Our collection is made possible by sponsorship from LUSA, LTL and through donations.

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Reviewing the Collection

Every year Library, Teaching and Learning (LTL) invites members of the LTL Consultative Group to nominate colleagues to participate in a review of our print and electronic collection. The review is conducted with an eye for renewing essential titles or resources, identifying titles and resources that are no longer fit for purpose and recommending new titles or resources. The review is conducted with a cost neutral ethos i.e. new titles and resources are purchased by cancellations.

The review normally runs between June and September to inform our subscription renewal process.

For more information please contact either the Head of Department (LAIS) or the Content Selection & Acquisitions (Serials) Coordinator

We value your questions and suggestions.   Donations are welcome.