Becoming a member – students and staff

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Current Lincoln University students and staff

All current Lincoln University staff and students automatically become members of Library, Teaching and Learning upon receiving their ID card.
Membership is valid for one year for students, five years for staff, and must be renewed to continue membership.

ID Cards

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Your Lincoln University ID Card provides access to many services including Library borrowing, printing, photocopying and grants after hours access to computer labs.
It also identifies you as a student or staff member at Lincoln University . While on campus you may be asked to produce it for identification at any time and it is required as ID for exams and other assessment activities.

Getting a Card

Lincoln University ID cards are issued, subject to terms and conditions from the ground floor Welcome Desk.

  • Students will receive an email after completing the enrolment process (your checklist in LUCAS must be complete). Bring a copy of this email and one form of photo ID to Library, Teaching and Learning. Once created,  your student ID card is used for two years (you will need to have it updated for your second year).
  • Staff members will receive confirmation from Human Resources that you are now a staff member. Your department or faculty administrator needs to confirm this to Library, Teaching and Learning.

Card Care

The student ID card is used for two years (you will need to have it updated for your second year) and should be stored carefully avoiding the following:

  • Abrasive surfaces
  • Folding or bending the card
  • Punching holes in the card

Lost Cards

Immediately report lost cards to Library, Teaching and Learning so that access to services can be cancelled. You are responsible for all uses made of your card until it has been reported as lost.

Replacement cards cost $30.00, regardless of the reason for replacement.

Renewing ID Cards


Lincoln University supplies a new Student ID card every two years, however, you must bring your current card to Library, Teaching and Learning so it can be reactivated before the start of each academic year.

Current staff

Staff should present their current Staff card, and Library, Teaching and Learning staff will be able to renew your membership.

Photo guidelines

Students are encouraged to upload a photo that will appear on your Lincoln University ID card into in MyLinc. Photos must adhere to the following guidelines. 

Photo Guidelines.

  • Full colour photo taken within the last 6 months
  • A true image not altered in any way
  • Clear, sharp and in focus
  • A plain, light coloured background with no shadows over your face
  • Head directly facing the camera with a clear gap around the sides and top of head
  • Eyes must in full view, not covered by hair, tinted or thick framed glasses, or obscured by reflected light
  • No hats or head bands unless for religious and medical grounds

If any photo does not adhere to these guidelines, LTL reserves the right to:

  • Prior to printing, reject the photo and request you submit another photo that adheres the guidelines.
  • To charge $30 if a card is printed with a photo that does not adhere to the guidelines.

Terms and conditions

  • Your photograph will be taken for your ID card. It will be stored as a digital image on a secure server.
  • This photograph may be used by University staff, the Lincoln University Students’ Association, Lincoln Hospitality Limited and other authorised agencies within the course of their duties, for identification purposes.
  • Staff photographs will be used for photo identification within University websites, Skype, and email profiles.
  • The card always remains the property of Lincoln University and must be surrendered on request from an authorised person.
  • Your ID card may only be used while you are a registered student or staff member at Lincoln University.