Submitting online

Before submitting your file(s) read through the information on:

When ready to submit your file(s):

1. Go to the Lincoln University Research Archive log-in page and login with either your Lincoln University network account, or register with an external email address

2. Under My Account from the left-hand menu, select Submissions

3. Start a new submission. Select the appropriate collection

4. Fill in the details. NB Any embargo/restriction requests must be filled in on this page

5. Describe your work

6. Upload your file(s).

  • Add any File Description necessary to identify your work.
  • If your work will be restricted (you must complete an Embargo Notification Form)
    • Click into the date field and select the date your work will become available (end date of embargo)
    • Add any relevant info into the Embargo reason field – only staff will see this
  • If you wish to upload more than one file, click Upload file & add another

7. Review your submission carefully, checking that all the information is complete and correct

8. If you wish to add a Creative Commons licence you may do so now. This is not required.

9. On the last page you must read and grant the distribution license, to Complete submission

10. Your submission will be processed by LTL staff within 72 hours. Keep an eye on your email as this is how you will be contacted if any issues arise. You will receive an automated email when your submission has been approved into the Research Archive. This will include the permanent URL you should use when citing or referring to your work