Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Semester 1, 2018 PASS session times:


Mon 10.00am, L113
Tue 3.10pm, L113
Wed 12.00pm & 2.10pm, L113
Thu 10.00am & 3.10pm, L113/L112

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Mon 10.00am, L112
Tue 10.00am, L112
Wed 1.10pm, L113
Thurs 3.10pm, L112

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Mon 3.10pm & 4.10pm, L113
Wed 1.10pm & 2.10pm, L112

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Tue 10.00am & 3.10pm, L113/L112
Wed 3.10pm, L113
Thu 10.00am, L113

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Wed 2.10pm, L022
Thu 1.10pm, L113

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Thu 3.10pm, L022
Fri 10.00am, L113

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All sessions held in L113, Level 1 of Ivey Hall, unless otherwise stated.

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  • Students work together to reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies;
  • Trained Peer Leaders facilitate pair, group and whole class activities;
  • Peer Leaders do not re-teach lesson material;
  • PASS Coordinators monitor and support the Peer Leaders in their role.

Whether you are a top performer or could use some improvement, you will benefit from the skills and understanding gained from attending PASS.

PASS aims to:

  • Give students an opportunity to work collaboratively on study material;
  • Provide a relaxed environment where students can make friends with others on the same course;
  • Assist students to develop independent learning skills;
  • Motivate students to study and keep up to date with course content.


Sessions for your course are advertised during the first week of lectures and on your course web page.

  • Look for ‘PASS Session Times’ on your course web page;
  • Note the time for the session which best fits with your timetable;
  • Places are limited to 16 students per session;
  • Arrive early to secure your seat in the session (there is no sign-up this semester).


Contact us on for more information.

Peer Assisted Learning at other universities:

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