Open Access

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Open Access (OA) refers to research outputs which have been made freely available online with no or minimal restrictions.

At Lincoln


1. Definitions:

1.1. What is Open Access?

1.2. What are Creative Commons licences?

1.2.1. Why would I want to put a Creative Commons licence on my work?

2. Lincoln University policies:

2.1. What is the Lincoln University Open Access Policy?

2.2. What is the Research Output Mandate Policy?

3. How does this affect me?

3.1. How does this affect my research?

3.1.1. Can I just put all my papers on ResearchGate?
3.1.2. How can I publish an open access journal article?
3.1.3. What are Article Processing Charges (APCs)?
3.1.4. How can I tell a journal is legitimate?

3.2. How does this affect my research data?

3.3. How does this affect my research code or software?

3.4. How does this affect my teaching?


The Open Access Implementation Committee (OAIC) membership is drawn from across Lincoln University. Since 24 October 2014 it meets quarterly to oversee all aspects of the implementation of Lincoln’s Open Access Policy.

Terms of Reference

Approved Minutes

On 10 February 2015 the OAIC agreed to publically upload approved minutes.





Current members

AGLSTimothy Curran
ESDDon Royds
ITSStuart Reilly
Fiona Taylor
LincolnConnectRebecca Doyle
LTLDamian Lodge
Deborah Fitchett (chair)
Erin Skinner
LUSADanyon Thomas
Research Management OfficeDavid Simmons
Mary Cosson
Babak Zahraie
Student ServicesSonja Wilkinson
USELHeather Blakeborough