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 Sue Allan Research Metadata Analyst
 Michelle Ash Learning Advisor (Careers and Employment)
 Nicole Bartlett Content Specialist
 Wen (Jonas) Bong Content and Service Delivery Assistant
 Stacey Boniface Teaching and Research Content Administrator and Learning Advisor (Academic Skills)
 Caitriona Cameron Head of Department: Academic and Career Skills
 Sue Clemes Teaching Advisor (Evaluations, e-Learning)
 Roger Dawson Head of Department: Research Services
 Deborah Fitchett Head of Department: Digital Services
 Sarah Fraser Content Specialist
 Cindy Giddens Teaching Advisor
 Deborah Gillespie Administrator
 Helen Gilmore Educational Designer
 Jane Hall Learning Advisor (Careers and Employment)
 Amanda He Service Delivery Supervisor
 Glennis Hilston Senior Administrator and Personal Assistant to Director of Library, Teaching and Learning
 Eunju Jung Repository Content Delivery Assistant
 Dayle Kerr Content Specialist
 Yingjie (Cory) Lin Educational Designer
 Damian Lodge Director Learning and Teaching and University Librarian
 Marcelle Lunam Teaching Advisor (Video and Social Media Specialist)
 Sian McDonald Teaching and Research Content Administrator
 Terry Meechang Head of Department: Teaching Quality
 Kiran Munir Copyright and Content Repository Advisor
 Craig Murray Services Delivery Coordinator
 Craig Nicholson Learning Advisor and PASS Coordinator
 Dean OConnell Learning Advisor (Maths and Stats)
 Karyn Riley PBRF Research Content Administrator
 Victoria Rosin Educational Designer
 Linda Schappi Content Selection & Acquisitions (Serials) Coordinator
 Fiona Simpson Art Curator
 Erin Skinner Records and Research Data Analyst
 Daphne Smithers Metadata and Content Description Specialist
 Hadrian Taylor Learning Advisor (Information Delivery)
 Jan Thompson Content & Service Delivery Assistant (Interloans)
 Sarah Tritt Research Advisor (Postgraduate Liaison)
 Glen Walker Head of Department: Library and Information Services
 Maurice Ward Teaching Advisor (Educational Design)
 Yanan Zhao Digital Services Analyst