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The George Forbes Memorial Library is housed in Ivey Hall, a magnificent building at the heart of the campus. There are a variety of study spaces, bookable rooms and areas to discover so the guides on this page should be very helpful if you’re new to the building.

After Hours Access

The ground floor of Ivey Hall is open for postgraduate after hours access weekdays (from Monday 8am to Friday midnight).


  • Access is restricted to the ground floor of Ivey Hall. Lifts and stairs to upper floors are inaccessible.
  • Only authorised Commerce postgraduates will have access to L076/7.
  • All staff and students (except those in L076/7) will be asked to leave Ivey Hall when Library, Teaching and Learning closes at the end of the day. Postgraduates will then need to re-enter, via the after hours door, once the main doors are locked.
  • This is a trial ending March 30th 2018.

The Lounge

Students hanging out at tables and on sofas in the LoungeThe Lounge is a social space located on the ground floor of the Library.

The Lounge is available for use at all times when the Library is open. Food and drink are permitted in this area and a vending machine providing hot drinks is in place. Two IT kiosks for checking email are also available.

Study Rooms

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There are several study rooms in Library, Teaching and Learning (mainly upstairs on level 1) provided for group study by two or more students.

Each room has a group discussion table, PC and a whiteboard. Whiteboard pens and erasers can be borrowed from the Welcome Desk.

Exterior view of study rooms with sliding glass doorsDue to popular demand, the following rules apply:

  • Bookings are for 30 minutes or 1 hour per user per day.
  • Rooms are for a minimum of two users.
  • Users can have up to 10 future bookings (including LUSA Workshop and Bloomberg Suite bookings).
  • Users can place bookings up to 28 days ahead.

Book now

Bookings that break these rules will be deleted.

For help (or in case of disputes) please ask at the Welcome Desk.

Maps of the Library

Binding and Stationery


Electric staplers are provided on level 0.  Up to 25 pages can be stapled using these staplers. For larger documents use the Binding service.

Staples are available from the Welcome Desk on Level 0.

Scissors and Guillotines

Scissors may be borrowed from the Welcome Desk. You will need your ID card to borrow them.

Guillotines are provided next to the printers on Level 0.

Spiral Binding

We provide spiral binding from the Welcome Desk for assignments and other material. Staff can spiral bind any legally copied A4 document up to 25mm thick. Additional pages may be added to already bound items.


  • Small (6mm – 12mm) – $3.60
  • Large (16mm – 25mm) – $5.00
  • Adding a single page – $1.00
  • Adding multiple pages -$2.00


You must comply with the NZ Copyright Act (1994) when making photocopies, scanning material and making print copies. Read more about copyright.

If you are not sure what is legal, DON’T make the copy until you have asked for advice.

Pencil Sharpeners

An electric pencil sharpener is provided on Level 0 near the printers.

Hole Punch

Hole punches are provided on Level 0 next to the printers.

Whiteboard Markers and Erasers

Whiteboard marker and eraser are available in all our study rooms. Ask at the Welcome Desk for a replacement should a white board marker run dry.