eBooks are a great source of information, especially since you can access them anywhere, anytime – 24/7.
Our current collection of eBooks contains nearly 140,000 titles for your use.


We have a number of eBook packages that we have either purchased or leased, each with specific focuses that target the core subjects that Lincoln University covers, and more.

*This collection is only searchable via LibrarySearch


Web browsers: Through trial and error we have found that some of our eBook collections do not operate well within certain web browsers. Firefox is the preferred browser as it does not have issues when comes to downloading your eBook or viewing the full text online. Google Chrome is okay with most of our eBook collections, but it does have some issues with CSIRO titles. Internet Explorer (IE) should be avoided when using eBooks as most publishers do not support IE, and there may be problems with displaying the eBook, even when viewing online.

Adobe Digital Editions: This is a piece of free software that is required by a number of publishers, such as Ebook Central (previously Ebrary), in order to download the eBooks. If you want to get the software on your computer or device, you can either search for it in the relevant app stores or get it here.

Campus computers do not have Adobe Digital Editions installed on them.

Lincoln University staff – if you would like Adobe Digital Editions on your work PC, contact ITS with your MB number (located on your computer box) and they will load it onto your PC for you.

Personal account logins: Some of our eBook publishers require you to set up a separate, personal account with them in order to download their eBooks, as well as access all of the eBook features when reading online. However, many will now accept your institutional login (your student/staff username and password used to login to computers). Adobe Digital Editions also requires a separate, personal login in order to authenticate your account on your device.


Licensing effects the way you can access and use eBooks. The licensing models we purchase are:

  • 1 user – this means that one person can view a particular eBook online at any one time, and generally it is not available for download at all.
  • 3 user – these eBooks are available for full download, or view online, for up to three people at a time. However, if a 3 user title is being used as a textbook for a class, the ability to download the eBook may be disabled.
  • Unlimited – there are a number of Ebook Central (previously Ebrary) titles and some Ebscohost titles that are available for unlimited use, both full download and view online, to any number of people at any one time.
  • Lease – there are titles that we have on lease, which means that they may be available one day, and gone the next. Please note that if there is ever a title that you would like to use, and it isn’t available, you can suggest it for purchase.

Assigning eBooks in courses

Assigning electronic books as class texts or thinking of doing so?

Please let us know so that we can ensure that eBook you’re promoting is available for student use and set up for maximum accessibility.

What do you tell us?

  1. The title of the eBook (and the edition you want if there is more than one available)
  2. The number of Lincoln enrolled students in your course*
  3. How you’re using it i.e. course text, recommended reading, or assigning a specific chapter

Send your eBook information and questions directly to Sarah Fraser or contact LTL staff using AskLive.

*We can only make eBooks available to registered Lincoln University students due to licensing restrictions. If you are teaching a joint course with another institution, you will need to check with the that institution about the access they are able to provide for their students.


If you have any problems with access, downloads, printing/copying, searching – basically any problems with eBooks, please contact Sarah.Fraser@lincoln.ac.nz or you contact LTL staff via Contact Us.

Lincoln University staff – not comfortable/confident in using eBooks, or maybe you’ve never used them, send me an email and I will help you.