Short Loan notes for lecturers

How it works

High demand material is taken from the main collection and put on Short Loan (a closed collection) where it can be issued for periods of up to 2 hours (in the Library) or 24 library open hours (can be taken out of the Library).

Material required to go on Short Loan needs to be submitted at least 5 working days before students need items, bearing in mind there is usually a high demand for this service at the beginning of semesters.

If the Library doesn’t hold, and is unable to purchase an item, a Lecturer’s personal copy can be used instead. This will be returned at the end of the Semester.

A patron may borrow no more than 3 items at one time.

Books, pamphlets and DVDs are able to go on Short Loan. Please consult a team member if you have a special request.

The most recent edition of a title would normally be placed on Short Loan unless the Lecturer specifies otherwise.

Library staff may need to adjust the loan periods of material on Short Loan depending on demand. Where possible the Lecturer will be contacted.

Material is removed from Short Loan after the final exams each Semester.

Request for Short Loan

A completed short loan form (available at the LTL Welcome Desk or online) needs to accompany any items to go on Short Loan.

Fill out all relevant details.

Check LibrarySearch to see whether your requests have been actioned. Your students will be able to place holds on the print material once the items appear under your name in the Short Loan listings.

You will be contacted if there is a problem with a particular title on your list.