Using your membership

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The following services are available to all library members

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  • Borrowing – All members can borrow books, serials and audiovisual material. Loan periods vary depending on the item to be borrowed. You will be given a date due print out for each item issued. Please keep this in a safe place.
  • Item requests – All members can place a request for an item that is currently on loan using LibrarySearch.  Any item on loan may be recalled if it is required urgently for any reason.
  • Date due reminders – You will not receive a reminder notice from LTL.
  • Library cards – University ID cards double as your library card, and is issued by the Library.
  • Your Library PIN will be your student/staff number unless you change it. Library staff cannot see your PIN but can reset it for you if necessary.

Loan Periods

Material Type Loan Period Number of Renewals
Books 28 Days 2 renewals
Posters 7 Days  2 renewals
Magazines and Journals 7 Days 2 renewals
DVDs and CD-ROMS 7 days 2 renewals
24 Hour Short Loan 24 hours No renewals
2 Hour Short Loan 2 hours No renewals


  • Borrowed items must be returned or renewed by the due date.
  • Items required by other borrowers may be recalled or the loan period shortened.

Staff and Postgraduate students

  • Are issued books and theses for 60 days period and may make extra renewals.
  • May apply at the Welcome Desk for an extended loan period if they require the material for a special project. Extended loans will only be granted if no other university member requires the item.


  • You cannot renew an item if another borrower has placed a hold on it.
  • Short Loan items may NOT be renewed


  • Items can be recalled (ie have their loan period reduced) if required by another user.
  • If a recalled item is overdue, the fines is $4.00 a day.

There are three ways of renewing an item:

  • Online using the “My Account” function on LibrarySearch
  • Bring the item to the Welcome Desk and have staff assist.
  • Phone 03 423 0320

For more detailed information consult page 4 of the Library Rules and Regulations.

Charges + Fines

Lost or damaged items

There are significant charges for items lost, damaged or destroyed. These are listed on page five of the Library Rules and Regulations.


Fines are calculated once an overdue item is returned. However, there are plenty of tools to help you avoid these charges and manage your loans.
Fines for Overdue Items

  • 10 cents per minute for 2 hour Short Loan and some equipment (e.g. whiteboard erasers and headphones)
  • $1 per hour for 24 hour Short Loan
  • $4 per day for recalled items not returned within 2 days of the recall notice being sent.

Avoid Fines by

  • Returning your items by the due dates.
  • Renewing your items before the due dates. You can do this yourself through My Account.
  • Checking your Lincoln University email for recall and change of due date messages.

Paying Fines

Library staff can accept payments by EFTPOS or Credit card.

All payments by cash (i.e. notes, coins and cheques) must be made at the University Finance Cashier in Forbes building. If you make a Library, Teaching and Learning related payment at the Cashier, you need to bring the receipt to the Library, Teaching and Learning to prove payment before we will remove the fine amount from your record.

Credit Card payments can be made by completing and posting the credit-card-payment-authorisation form to:

Library, Teaching and Learning
PO Box 85064
Lincoln University
Lincoln 7647
New Zealand

If payment is not made within 1 month of the imposition of a fine, you may be invoiced for the full amount of all outstanding fines, which shall include an administrative charge of $10.00.

For more detailed information consult page five of the Library Rules and Regulations.


Staff and postgraduates may request items from other libraries via the Interloans service. Interloan requests may take a few days or up to several weeks to arrive depending on the availability of copies at other libraries.

Short loan

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The Short Loan collection:

  • Is kept by the Returns counter and contains items that are in heavy demand.
  • These are available for short-term borrowing to ensure that all users have a chance to read them.
  • Items are available for one of the following loan periods:
    • 2 hours – use in the Library only
    • 24 hours – these may leave the Library.

To borrow a Short Loan item:

  1. Search for the item in LibrarySearch using the course code or lecturer’s name.
  2. With the item record displayed, check the Status column to see if the item is “In” (if the Status is “On loan” you can reserve the item for another time – see below).
  3. Write down the title and call number of the item.
  4. Ask for the item at the Welcome Desk, using the title and call number.
  5. Return the item on time. There are fines for late returns!

Copying and Printing

Photocopier/PrinterPrinting in Library, Teaching and Learning is done through the University’s Follow Me print system. There is a small charge for each side printed. The print system can also allow some printing from laptops and similar devices using the PrintMe service.

Printing on campus is via our MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) which are internet connected printer/scanners.  They would otherwise be called Photocopiers but these days they are much more sophisticated than simple copiers.


  • 2 MFDs in the Student computing area (Level 0)
  • 1 MFD by the L076 teaching lab (level 0)
  • 2 MFDs by the Collection Enquiries Desk (Level 1)
  • 1 MFD on level 2


Scanning is available from all printers. Scanned images can only be sent to your Lincoln University email address. Note: to scan in colour, you need to select the “Full Colour” option from the colour menu.


Printing and copy charges can be found on the ITS webpage.

You can load or top-up funds on your printing account using your Student ID Card.  There is a self-service machine on the ground floor of Library, Teaching and Learning for adding to your balance via card transactions, another self-service machine in the Landscape building  or you can load up using cash at the Bookshop.


You must comply with the NZ Copyright Act (1994) when making photocopies, scanning material and making print copies. If you are not sure what is legal, DON’T make the copy until you have asked for advice.

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Before swiping your card at any printer, check for an orange flashing light on the front right hand side of the printer. An orange flashing light indicates that the printer has run out of paper or has suffered a paper jam. If you have swiped your card and nothing happens, don’t swipe again at another printer – contact staff as soon as possible.

Report problems to Library, Teaching and Learning staff or the ITS Help Desk.

Forgotten your ID card?

Copy your document to your pen-drive and take to the Bookshop. Staff there will print the material and charge you the cost directly.

Visitors can copy, but not print, as a Lincoln username is required to access the print system. However, you can email documents to yourself and print at home. Visitor copy cards are available for purchase ($5 for the card, then add credit for copying) from the Welcome Desk.

After hours Access

All students currently have 24/7 access to the after hours computer labs in the Landscape building.

The ground floor of Ivey Hall is open for postgraduate students after hours weekdays (from Monday 8am to Friday midnight).


  • Access is restricted to the ground floor of Ivey Hall. Lifts and stairs to upper floors are inaccessible.
  • Only authorised Commerce postgraduates will have access to L076/7.
  • Use of any Library collection on the ground floor (Nga Kete, Short Loan, items on hold) is prohibited.
  • All staff and students (except those in L076/7) will be asked to leave Ivey Hall when Library, Teaching and Learning closes at the end of the day. Postgraduates will then need to re-enter, via the after hours door, once the main doors are locked.
  • This is a trial ending March 30th 2018.

Staff and students who require access to other buildings should contact their Faculty or Departmental Administrator.

Access to Salto security doors needs to be periodically updated.